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Special Effects Equipment for Sale

E - Fan Cart
$650.00 u.s.
25" W x 40.5" H with 20" heavy-duty bicycle tires, steel, cad aridite finish, and 12" riser extension.

IGEBA Smoke Generator
Call for current pricing
5.7 l/1.5 US gal, solution tank with cleaning outlet, gasoline tank 1.2 l/0.3 US gal, all parts coming in contact with chemicals are made from stainless steel, brass or Teflon hoses; standard accessories: tools, dosage nozzles, spare diaphragms and gaskets, service manual.

Smoke and Fog Machines

call for current pricing

We can accommodate any of your Le Maitre needs or wants! Le Maitre DMX Stage Fogger, G300, Radiance Hazer, Neutron Hazer, Tiny Fogger, Silent Storm, Little Blizzard, Le Flame, Bubble Master and much more!
Call for prices and availability

Rigging Equipment

Trips, X-Large, Large and Mini

Sheaves and Shackles

We are Distributors for
Le Maitre Special Effects, Sweeney Special Effects and IGEBA
Call for current prices and stock availability.

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