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Expendable supplies
special effects materials

Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will provide the special effects supplies and expendables you need for your next project.

Give us a call
for the latest list, pricing and availablity

Balls / Capsules for Capsule Guns

Blood Balls / Capsules

Dust Balls / Capsules

Empty Balls / Capsules

Glass Marbles, 1/2" and .68 caliber

Steel Ball Bearings, .62 & .68 caliber

Fabrication Materials

Steel, Plate, Flat, Sheet, Bar, Channel, Aluminum etc...

Fire Materials

Fire Cloth

Flameout 1000 - for natural products

Flameout 5111 - for synthetics

Fire Ribbon

Rubber Cement

Fog - Fluids and Silicate free FX Dirt

Bubble Fluid

Fantasy FX

FX Dirt, for silicate free dust & mud

Le Maitre Fluids

Mini Mist Spray

Oil Cracker Oil

Pella Oil

Super Fog

C.E.I. Fluid   (replaces World Fluid)

Misc. Special Effects Supplies

Adhesives and Tapes

Bee Gum

My Blood - artificial non-staining

Reel Blood - artificial

Bullet Hit Shields - 1/2, 1, 2 Loads

Containers - pails & buckets


Flash bulbs #2 & #3

Flint Rods

Fullers Earth

Glue Sticks

Hardware / Plumbing supplies

Hi Fibe




Plastalina / Clay




Rope & Sash Cord

Sand Bags

Silicate of Soda

Tube of Death / Plastic Tubing
Black & Clear




Glass & Plastics

Lexan & Plexiglass



Rigging - Special Effects Rigging

Cables, Nico Sleeves, Thimbles, Turnbuckles, Eyebolts, Shackles, etc...

Glass Breakers / Poppers

Sheaves & Shackles

SquibTrips, "Quick Release Trips" and Shackles

Snow Making Materials

Blizzard Fluid

Creat-a-Snow Flake Fluid

Flocking, adhesive and non

Epsom Salt

Gyp Snow

Ice Crystals "Spray Glaze"

Jet X High Expansion Foam


Movie Flakes - potato flakes

Plastic Flake

Snow Blanket

Snow Flurry

Snow Foam

Snow Sheet

Spray Snow & Snow Flocking Spray

UnReel Snow


Speaker - 24/2

Midrip - 16/2 & 18/2


Balsa Sheets & Posts

Call us about Special Effects Equipment for Purchase
Fog Machines, E Fan Carts etc...

Many more special effects supplies are available than are shown on this list.  Call us for the expendable materials you need.

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