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Explosion effects


Fire effects

Give us a call and inquire about our Rental packages,
designed and/or fabricated for your Special Effects needs.


Explosion effects

Explosive Effects Rental Equipment

 Air and Explosive Car Cannons
 Firing Boards
 Glass Breakers
 Mortars - Round, Square, V, Slant, and Boiler Ends
 Squib Trips
 Sweeney Squib Trips

Explosive Cannons and Air Cannons

explosive and air cannons

Creative Effects will rent all the equipment necessary for explosive and air cannon effects, including installation and removal.

Or have our
Special Effects Shop design and fabricate it for you.

"click" for 380k gif animation
Explosive Cannon

Fire effects

Fire Effects Rental Equipment

 Campfire Spark Gags
 Bum Barrels
 Burner - Slotted pipes
 Fire logs
 Propane tanks
Expendable Supplies

Pyrotechnics by,
Howard Jensen and Paul Stewart
Equipment rental by Creative Effects.
House on fire by Creative Effects Inc.

from the film,
"What's Eating Gilbert Grape"


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