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Props and Gags

Specialty gags

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Special Effects Props and Gags

Designed by Creative Effects, for Industry use

Special Effects Props and Gags

 Baseball, Golf, Tennis Ball Guns
 Dust Guns
 Manhole Cover Steam Gag
 Rain Reflection Window Gag
 Special FX Dirt
 silicate free dust

 Air Arc Gag
 Campfire - Camfire Sparks & Logs
 Fire Hydrant Gag
 Paintball Guns
 Splash Bow Water Gag

bubble machineroom full of bubbles

portable bubble machinefill a room in seconds with bubbles


Bubble Machine

 Portable, 110 V / AC operation
 Fan included to distribute bubbles
 Bubble fluid tank for easy refills

fire hydrant gag

Side spray fire hydrant

New York style
 1 1/2 inch bottom feed
 Apron for bottom of hydrant
 Hoses and adapters are also available

Fire Hydrant Gags
East & West Coast Style

Smoke Effects Accessories for Tube of Death

 Smoke from an F-100 smoke machine
 Powered by 110VAC Squirel Cage Fan
 Plastic Tubing (Tube of Death) - black & clear

Plastic tubing can be spread up to 100 feet per machine. Cut slots in tubing to release smoke as needed.

tube of deathsmoke effect

squirel fansmoke fog effects

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