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Turntables and Gimbals Water and Air Effects

Turntables and Gimbals

Motion control, hydraulic and manual operation

Customize your rental with turntable
or gimbal attachments and rigging.
Special Effects Shop can also tailor
your rental for a specific effect.


turntable, motion control

Motorized Turntables
 60" Motorized Turntable (pictured)
 220V / AC
 Minarik Remote Control
 800 lb load rating

 24 & 12 inch Motorized Turntables
 110V / AC
 Minarik Remote Controls
 80 lb (24"), 300 lb (12") load ratings

Manual Turntables
 30 inch turntable
 1500 lb load rating
 Many other sizes, manual and motorized available


gimbal, hydraulic, joystick control

Hydraulic Gimbals (pictured)
 Hydraulic pump
 Dual axle gimbal
 4'w x 4'd x 5'tall
 30 degree tilt, both axes
 Joystick controls
 Hydraulic hose
 Fast setup, clearly labeled
 Used on planes, cars, boats, etc.

heavy duty gimbals

More Gimbals
 Heavy duty gimbal (pictured)
 30 inch square, 22 1/2 inch high
 12 inch dia.
 Stainless Steel gimbal
 Many available...   Manual & Hydraulic

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