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Spark Generator

Portable sparks, produced safely

Aluminum wire sparks

A non-pyrotechnic, controllable, reliable and variable shower of sparks

Easily configured to spray brilliant white aluminum sparks or fiery red steel sparks in minutes.

Winner of the 70th annualspark generator academy award
Academy Award
for technical achievement

Steel wire sparks

The spark generator is setting new standards for motion picture special effects, providing an economical method of producing spectacular showers of sparks, while improving safety on the set.

a. Flexible spark cable leads allow for easy installation, in hard to reach applications.
b. The directional spark tip can be attached to a car bumper or fender, train, plane, or any other location realistic spark effects are needed.spark generator Developed by Phil Cory Special Effects Inc.
c. The color of your sparks are defined by the wire used and can be changed or reloaded in minutes.
d. For easy shipping and handling, the Spark Generator is mounted in a sturdy road case.
(Spark Generator shown sitting on top of road case lid)
e. One button start / stop allows the special effects technician or stunt driver, simple yet precise control of spark effects.
f. Completely mobile, powered by 3, 12V batteries and a small air tank (items not shown), the spark machine can go where the action is!

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