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Turntables and Gimbals Water and Air Effects

Water and Air Effects

We will "Blow you away"
with our Air Special Effects Equipment

"Pour on" our expertise
to make your next Water Effect a splash!

Water effects equipment

water effectswaterfalls

showers1500 gpm pump

Waterfall powered by 30 hp 1500 gpm water pump

waterfall car commercial
Waterfall powered by high capacity water tank

Pumps - Rental Equipment and Rigging

  50 gallon Dump Tanks
 1 1/2 inch Sump Pumps
 1 1/2 inch Hale Pumps
 3/4 inch Submersible 110V Pump
 1 1/2 inch Submersible 110V Pump
 2 1/2 inch Submersible 220V Pump
 2 inch Red Jet 220V Water Pump
 Swimming Pool pumps and heaters
 2 1/2 inch Double Feed Water Monitors
 Manifolds, Hoses, Valves, etc...
 30 hp Water Pump - 240V 3 phase 1500 gpm
 Gas powered Volkswagen Water Pumps, 650 gpm

Air effects equipment

air compressor towable

     Towable air compressors

 185 CFM Air Compressor
 Diesel powered
 Remote Control
 Hose on Reel - 100ft.
 Pick up Attachments for Crane
 Front Wheel - Adjustable & Easy

Additional air effects equipment

 Air Cannons
 Air Compressors - Gas, Electric, Diesel
 Air Movers - Misc. sizes
 Air Tanks - Misc. sizes
 Blowers - Electric, Gas
 Stackable 16 inch Squirrel Cage
Squirrel cage Tube of Death
 Valves, Manifolds and Hoses

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