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Steam, Fog, Smoke and Dust Effects

Atmosphere and weather effects
Steam boilers
Fog generators
Smoke machines
Silicate free
FX Dirt for dust, dirt and mud
and Introducing
 CreataFog and CreataMist systems
cold water alternatives for steam, mist and fog effects.

Steam effects

Boilers designed manufactured and maintained by Creative Effects, Inc.


towable trailer25 hp boiler

Steam boiler, 25 hp
 Propane operated
 110V / AC powered

Many uses -
natural steam, manhole covers, rocket launch, radiator steam, explosion effects, heating water, pools, mud, create ground fog by mixing CO2, and many other special effects uses.

 10hp Steam Boiler available (not shown)

Steam boiler, 2 1/2 hp

steam boiler2 1/2 horsepower

portable boilersteam

 Propane operated
 110V / AC powered, single phase (optional)
 Totally portable

Perfect for medium to small size steam effects.  It's small, 42"w x 30"d x 46"t foot print, gets into tight spots.

Fog Effects

1200 Curtis Fogger

Oil Cracker - air powered


 Large area fog system
 Ground fog
 Cloud simulation

ground fog
approx. 500 ft. long
ground fog effect

 Can be used with water or oil
 Background atmosphereoil cracker
 Interior fog
 Haze effects

Haze Touring System

 110V / AC powered
 Remote or Manual Controls

Stage Fogger

Continuous Fog Output
 DMX Remote Control
 No Re-Heat Time
 110V / AC powered

Smoke effects

F - 100 smoke machine

 Automatic or manual control
 110V / AC powered
f 100 smoke machine

IGEBA TF 35 fog generator

 Self contained fog generator
 Gas powered

IGEBA Fog generator

we also sell
IGEBA fog generators and several top level smokers, visit our product sales page for newly listed items.

We are also distributors of fog and smoke fluid for...

Le Maitre Special Effects, Igeba and others

CreataFog  & CreataMist systems

Designed manufactured and maintained by Creative Effects, Inc.

CreataFog system

 110V / AC high pressure, cold water system
 Swamp and jungle fog effects

swamp fog
Swamp fog produced with CreataFog system

 Creating fog
 Breath effects
creatafog machine

Mist Trays

mist trays

 System includes 18 mist trays
 5 heads per tray
 36 inch hose connects each tray
 Total length of 120 feet
 Hoses easily swapped for direction changes
 Control manifolds, longer hoses and accessories are also available.

CreataMist system

 Used to simulate cold steam for showerscreatamist machine
 Steam in spas
 Mist on lake effects.
 High pressure water system
 Uses distilled water
 110V / AC powered

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