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Wind, rain and snow effects

"Atmosphere and weather effects"

Howling wind to soft breezes
rain to summer showers
Blinding blizzards to gentle

Give us a call,
"We'll change the weather!"

Wind Effects

Fully equipped Windmachines

Designed, manufactured and maintained by Creative Effects, Inc.

windmachine chevy v8
V8 Windmachine

 V8 Chevy engine
 Revolves 360 degrees unrestricted
 90 inch, 6 blade fan
 Fan tilts up and down 45 degrees
 Fork sockets for lift and high reach
 Pick up attachments for helicopter
 Easy maneuverability
 Tip Trailers available for easy pick up
 and delivery

V8 Windmachine seen here in the shooting of Master & Commander:
"The Far Side of the World"

volkswagen wind machine

VW wind machine

 48 inch blade, 3300 rpm
 Rotates 360 degrees unrestricted
 Fan tips up and down
 Easy maneuverability
 Fits into a pickup truck bed

wind machine on location
"Cliff Hanger" Italian Alps

Windmachine Accessories

 Air straightener

 Dust Roller / Hopper

 Smoke injectors


 Snow nozzle

 Water nozzle

 Snow Roller

We also carry a large inventory of fans including -

 30" Gas fans

 E fans

 Port-A-Cool fans


 Ritter fans

 Tornado fan

  Ventilator fans


 Stackable Squirrel Cage Fan 16" 110 VAC


simulated cloud effect
V8 Wind machine smoke effect
used to simulate clouds in heaven.

Just some of the effects our fans can do -
Smoke, snow, dust, turbulence, rain, rippled water, exhausting sets, tumble weed and waving flag effects,...

Rain Effects

Aluminum Rainbar - 60 ft.

 Four heads per bar
 2 1/2 inch single feed to each bar

rainbars by creative effects
Complete rain effects package available
and more.

 Estimated coverage 75' to 110'
 Rain heads provided with
 inserts from 3/16" to 5/8".

rainbar cranes
Multiple rainbars for a long
 country road.

Traveling rain trailer

 Carries 90 gallons of water
 Portable and Silent
 Powered by air pressure for
 silent operation
 Small low trailer
rain trailer

car rain rig

 Rain bar mounts on sturdy roof rack
 Single head rain bar, hose and all
 necessary rigging.

Snow Effects

Snow Making Equipment and Supplies

Blizzard Fluid
Flocking Machines
Ice Crystals
Mini fibers
Plastic Flake
Snow Sheet (roll)
Jet X Foam

Creatasnow Pressure Systems
Gyp Snow
Jet X Nozzles
Little Blizzards
Movie Flakes - potato flakes
Snow Blanket
Snow Foam
Snow Flocking
Spray Snow
UnReel Snow

Let us help you create "Snow on a summer day"
snow dressing

Jet x snow making
Snow storm using wind machines and Jet X Snow

Create a Snowy Atmosphere anywhere
using "
UnReel Snow"



Guarantee your success, call Creative Effects today!

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