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Turntables and Gimbals Water and Air Effects

Rental equipment

It's all here!

Professionally maintained special effects equipment rentals, built for the demands of the entertainment industry.

Special effects rentals - quick reference list

Air cannons

Air compressors

185 CFM air compressor, diesel

Portable, Tow behind, Electric, Gas and Diesel compressors

Air movers - 3", 6" and 9"

Air tanks

Atmosphere effects

Bee Smokers

Bubble Machines

Chill Chambers

Cobweb CreataWeb machines

CreataFog systems

CreataMist systems

Curtis 1200

Curtis Neutraliser fogger - electric & small

Ez 1000

Foggers, F-100, G-150, G-300

Hat Steamers, 110V / AC

Hessey Foggers, propane & electric

Ice Baskets

IGEBA Smoke / Fog Generator

Lawnmower Fogger

Le Maitre Haze Touring System

Low Ground Fog Generators


Martin Pro 2000

Mini Mister ( optimist ranger ) w/ remote

Neutron XS Hazer

Oil crackers

Rumble pots


Squirrel cage - Tube of Death fan

Stackable Squirrel Cage 16 inch

Car rigging equipment

Air Cannons

Explosion Cannons

Tow and Release

Wheel Dollies

Explosion effects

Firing Board

Glass Breakers

Mortars - Round, V, Slant, Square, Boiler End

Squib Trips, Sweeney Trips

Fire effects

Bum Barrels

Campfire Spark gags

Firebars - slotted pipe


Fire logs


Propane tanks - 5gal., 10gal. and 25gal.


Gags - Special Effects Gags

Air Arc gag

Campfire gag

Campfire Logs

Fire Hydrant gag

Manhole Cover Steam gag

Rain Reflection Window gag

Splash Bow Water gag

Steam Manhole Chimney gag


Various sizes available, 5500 to 6500's


Hydraulic gimbal, joystick controlled

Platform gimbal, 30" sq. 22 1/2" h

Stainless Steel gimbal, 12 inch dia.

Many others, manual and hydraulic


Baseball, Golf and Tennis ball guns

Cobweb guns

Dust guns

Paintball guns 62 and 68 caliber

Pellet guns #13 and 68 caliber

Trunnion guns


40 gal. and 80 gal. Water Heater - 220V

On Demand Water Heater

P-30 Butane Heater

Swimming Pool Heaters

Hoses, all types and sizes

Air, Fire, Flex, Garden, High pressure, Hydraulic, LPG, Ortac, Pullman, Steam, Suction and others in various sizes.

Pumps, electric and gas

240V 3 phase 30hp 1500gpm pump

20 hp and 40 hp Hydraulic pumps

1 1/2 inch Hale pump

2 1/2 inch 220V / AC submersible pump

1 1/2 inch 110V / AC submersible pump

3/4 inch 110V / AC submersible pump

3/4 inch 110V / AC in line pump

2 inch 220V / AC Red Jet water pump

Swimming pool pumps

Many other pumps available, call for more info.

Rain effects

Dump tanks - 50 gallon

Goosedrowners - 3/4 inch and 1 inch



Pressurized Water Tanks


Rain heads with Inserts, 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"

Rain Pans

Rain Stands

Rollers - hose roller used with crane

Traveling rain with and without Trailer

Water Monitors

Snow effects

Blizzard Snow Machine with remote

Creat-A-Snow Pressure System

Flocking machines

Jet X nozzles

Silent Storm DMX Snow Machine

Snow Blowers

Snow Effects page

Snow Pressure System - 5 gal. and 15 gal.

Snow roller - 5 ft. manual and 10 ft. remote

Snow Vac

Unreel Snow Wands

Check out our Expendables list for Snow making supplies

Sparking machines

Spark generator - uses 36 Volts and Air

Steam effects

Chill chambers

Hat steamers - 110V / AC

Manifolds - 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch

Steam boilers 2 1/2 hp, 10 hp and 25 hp

Steam Effects page

Steam Wands



12" turntable w/remote, 300lb load rated

24" turntable w/remote, 80lb load rated

30" turntable, non-motorized, 1500lb load rated

60 " turntable, motorized, 800lb load rated

Turntable page


1000lb. Ingersol Rand Winch

2000lb. Air Winch

Windmachines and Fans

20 inch Electric Box Fan

30 inch Gas Fan

E Fans

Ritter Fans - A/C and D/C

Squirrel Cage Blower

Tube of Death Fan

V-8 Chevrolet Fans

Volkswagen Fans

Windmachine and Fan Accessories

Air Straighteners

Dust Hoppers

Rectifier for D/C Ritter Fan

Smoke Injectors

Snow Nozzles

Water Nozzles

We update our web site often but it will never hold
all the secrets.
If the equipment you're looking for is not listed,
give us a call , odds are we have it or know who does!

Don't forget our
Expendables page for more Special Effects products

Call us about
Special Effects Equipment for Purchase
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