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Mechanical special effects
design and fabrication shop

Do it on budget
Do it on time
Do it with Creative Effects Inc.

Our Experience is your edge.

From design to construction,
Creatives' special effects propmakers
make your effects come alive.


Mechanical special effects

Special effects Car Rigging

special effects car rigging

We are fully equipped and professionally staffed, to fabricate all types of mechanical special effects gags, stunt cars, fire and explosion effects, flying rigs, etc.
Left, Roll-over Camera Car for a driver's eye view of the action.
Right, prototype car from GM, with roll cage by Creative Effects Inc.

Action props

Break-away, action props

break-away action propsAluminum break-away gate
Roy Augenstein and A.J. Thrasher fabricating the break-away gate, for a semi truck crash through.

Pictured - breakaway gate
used in "Mystery Men"

Practical working props - Fabricated to Your Specification

practical propsReplica of wood burning stove
Made of light weight anodized aluminum
Powered by propane.

Turn of the century Printing Presses mad of
Aluminum replicated to the finest detail.

Props are created to be fully functional, mobile, easily operated, rugged and of course..
On Time & On Budget.

working props
Vintage Chest,
Dentist tool and Practical bathtub.

Call us with the special effects needs of your next project

Pictured Right
Props from the CBS television series
"Medicine Woman".

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