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Special Effects Rental Equipment, Pyrotechnics, Props, Expendable Supplies, Mechanical Effects Design and Fabrication, since 1978.

Our rentals are designed for dependability,
ease of use and spectacular effects, every time.

We carry the latest in Silicate free FX Dirt for dust effects.

Our CEO, Howard Jensen, has over forty years experience in the motion picture special effects business, and is the original creator / designer for our windmachines, steam boilers, oil crackers, rainbars, car cannons, creatafog and creatamist systems.

Creative Effects Inc., distributor of these and many other fine products
IGEBA smoke-fog generatorsLe Maitre smoke-fog machinesMatthew Sweeney Special Effects Inc., squib trips, sheaves
Phil Cory Special Effects Inc., spark generatorsBleeding Art Industries

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