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Special Effects Equipment Rentals

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Special effects equipment rentals for the entertainment industry.  Creative carries everything you could possibly need for feature films, television, theme parks and theatrical events.  Wind, rain, snow, steam, fog, smoke and mist atmospherics are produced with state of the art equipment like our V8 chevy windmachines on their own easy to maneuver tip trailers.  Rain rigging with our rugged 60 foot rainbars or our traveling rain trailer.  Snow making for any size job in any location.  Steam boilers, oil crackers and our own CreataFog and CreataMist systems developed by our CEO Howard Jensen and maintained by Creative.  Smoke machines and fog generators of all sizes and capacities, from the industry leaders like Curtis, IGEBA, Hessey and Madewell just to name a few.  Turntables and gimbals, from joystick controlled hydraulic flying rigs to manually operated units.  Water and air gags with our high capacity water pumps, dump tanks and rigging, air movers, blowers, cannons and compressors.  We carry pyrotechnic supplies like our explosive cannons, firing boards, glass breakers, mortars of all shapes and sizes, squib trips, campfire spark gags, bum barrels, burner pipes, manifolds, firebars, fireplaces, fire logs, flanges, propane tanks and silencers.  And if that was not enough, we also carry a complete line of expendable supplies, and specialty gags like the academy award winning Spark Generator by Phil Cory, and the non-gun blank gun firing system for silent realistic gun fire.

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